wpDiscuz – User Notifications

This add-on adds a nice notification system to your site, so users can receive updates and notifications directly on your website as they happen. It checks and notifies when someone votes on your comment, follows you, rates your post, mentions you, replies to your comment, comments on your post, when your comment is approved, and in other cases. You can put the notification bell in the main menu using %wpdiscuz-bell% shortcode as a Custom Link URL and any phrase as the Link Text. This menu item will be replaced to a notification bell on the website front-end menu. As a second option, you can enable Web Push Notification generated and controlled by browsers. These kinds of notifications are displayed on the screen even if you switched to another tab or minimize the browser window. More information about the Web Push notifications…

There is also available a shortcode [wpdiscuz_bell]. You can put it wherever you want, in your post or text widgets content and it will be replaced with a notification bell on the website.

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my name is
my name is
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